Your home ceiling - something beautiful to look up to

16 August 20203 min read

Ceiling is often overlooked though it is a very crucial design element. Think about it, the ceiling offers the largest unobstructed view of a room and it has an important contribution to the overall aesthetic. Most homeowners do not take ceiling into consideration when thinking about the overall design of their homes, which is probably why you would see the majority of ceilings in different homes are in the common shade of white.

We hope that you find some inspirations for your ceiling designs through this blog post and trust us, your ceiling design will really make a difference to your home.

1. Create a focal point

Utlise your ceiling to differentiate the different areas within an open space. For example, houses with dining areas and living rooms in the same open space, can design the ceiling of the dining area differently by painting it with a different colour or patterns to make the space stand out a bit more. Combined with some decorative lighting for the dining area, this would definitely be an amazing match.

2. Wallpaper ceiling

After painting,wallpaper is the next popular option. With setting a wallpaper on the ceiling, you will also cover all its shortcomings. Wallpaper is an inexpensive option to transform your ceiling and give it some 3D effect. Aside from the difficulty of pasting up the wallpaper up there, this would be a perfect way to add a little design or pattern to the room without completely overwhelming the space.

3. One colour scheme

Painting the ceiling and walls the same colour can make the space look appear bigger than it actually is. It will also help to hide any odd angles that the space might have. Paint using one colour would also help to make the space look more modern and this style will never be outdated till years later. Most importantly, this method is a lot more cost saving and environmental friendly as there is lesser waste of materials.

4. Going with style

If a homeowner goes for industrial styled home design, electrical conduits are normally used and these can run up to the ceiling as a purposeful design pattern. To highlight electrical trunking, you can add a lighting track to illuminate it. Otherwise, to create an industrial look, wood ceiling beams can be installed as well.

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