Your balcony essentials

20 September 20203 min read

Living in Singapore, if you have a well-designed balcony could mean literal paradise. Especially in times like this with the safe distancing situation, you can spend evenings lounging at home. If you are looking to give your balcony that much-needed seasonal refresh, here are the tips you must know about creating a balcony that you will love.

1. A flat surface

This would be the most important aspect so you won’t have any trouble with wobbly tables and chairs. There are many materials you can use for outdoor floorings like woods, tiles, concrete or even carpets. Wood is one of the most widely used flooring for balcony floor surfaces as it’s durable and comes with varieties of colors and designs. Concrete would be the most money saving options since you don’t have to spend on buying any materials, and what’s best is it will withstand all the weather conditions. Generally, balcony flooring materials are available in many and it determines the overall look of your entire balcony.

Other than flooring, remember to also consider the drainage points to allow any water to easily flow away when it rains or if you water the plants.

2. Remember the shade

With the Singapore weather through the years, you probably prefer to keep to the shade. Before considering installing any exterior sun shade options, always check if there’s any restriction as you don’t want to waste that money and effort.

Other than just shade, balcony screens would also be a great option as many of which are made of sailcloth which are resistant to the effects of wind and rain. This will also help with the privacy aspect of things.

3. The furniture & plants

What would be the main usage of your balcony, would it be for lounging, working or dining? Choose the most appropriate furniture for your needs. For example, a cushion storage box will be great as a storage space for your visitor and also come in very handy as extra seating. Folding chairs and tables also free up much needed space when they’re not in use, so you could, for instance, hang your laundry.

Of course for the balcony, always have some plants in order to complete the entire space. There are so many great ideas out there on how to transform a boring wall into a simply delicious garden. Naturally, you could go out and buy some handy wall-mounted shelving racks and flower pots and try to plant something to yourselves.

4. Lighting for ambience

You can use lanterns or just simply run some string lights, these would be great for the day to day and even when there’s any festive season to celebrate. There’s more than enough to choose from. Just remember to ensure that all electrical outlets are protected from the rain.

Even candles can be a great source of light and are great for setting the mood. Sometimes, the wind can be quite a mood breaker, so put your candles in glass holders will not only solve the problem but also enhance the aesthetic aspect of the space at the same time.

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