Ways to make your home child friendly

13 September 20204 min read

For young parents, preparing your home that can be a comfortable place for the kids can be a tricky business. Not only do you want your place to be a fun-filled haven of growth and learning, but you want it to be safe and secure, as well. We are here to help you to create a space that is both kid-friendly and stylish at the same time.

1. Have plenty of storage space

When we talk about kids, things like toys and colouring books are the must haves. Of course, you do not want to have these lying around everywhere and you want to make sure that there is a space to keep all these kids treasures at the end of the day. Consider shelving as one of the storage options so these items can be displayed so that the kids have easy access. Sometimes, stylish baskets work wonders too.

Another way would be to utilize multi functional furniture. For example, a doubled tiered coffee table that can place toy baskets on the bottom shelf, or get a table with drawers.

2. Caution for furniture

When shopping for furniture, avoid anything with sharp edges as these would potentially hurt the kids when they move around. If these furnitures were purchased, corner guards can be used but make sure these stick nicely to the edges. Also, Baby’s get injured on their fingers by door hinges. Protection strips can be fitted on the door hinges to prevent the child from slipping a finger in them.

Avoid furniture or decorative items that are too light as these could topple over them. Otherwise, we would recommend fixing these light & movable furniture to walls or to grounds to prevent them from toppling.

3. The perfect flooring

When it comes to kid-friendliness, vinyl is hands down the best. It’s easy to clean in the event of all those future milk/food spills and what’s best is that it is affordable since it can be easily laid over tiles. Children are wild cards so you want to make sure any furniture or material used in your home can withstand daily wear and tear.

Most importantly, you do not want the surface to be too hard to prevent the kids from being hurt. Remember when they start crawling or learning to walk, it is important to place a surface cover such as a play mat.

4. Be creative with decorations

It’s great to include some decor items in your home that the kids can relate to. Also, another cheap and meaningful way to decorate your space is to pick a few masterpieces created by the kids and display them in nice frames. Children love it when you showcase their efforts, and with so many creative display options to choose from, there is something to suit every interior style.

Create a designated space for them to play. Mount a chalkboard on one of the walls or paint it in such a way that children can use it and shape their imagination. You can even put some child sized set of furniture so that they feel the belonging of the space and learn the responsibility of taking care of their own personal space.

5. Colour options

Colours have an immense capacity to influence the human mind, so the right colour scheme is necessary for the proper development of children. Though you can choose to be more daring in your selection of colours, it is better to stick to such shades that create a soothing ambience so that it is still a suitable place for them when they grow older.

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