Turn your home office into a creative incubator

27 September 20203 min read

Home office might used to be a luxury but now it has become a must have since more of us work flexibly or even 100% working at home. Whether your home office design will be located in a small bedroom or just the corner of a room, there are things you will want to consider in order to create a space that gives off a productive atmosphere. If you spend the full work week there or even just a few hours, it’s important that your home office be a comfortable and inviting place to get your work done efficiently.

1. Find that space

Working from home can make it harder to stay focused since there are potentially many distractions. Be it a desk in an existing room, or the luxury of having a whole entire room as your own home office, having a designated space is the most crucial since it would mentally set you into the work mode once you sit down. Try to think about when and where you would do your work. For example, if you are a professional and would have online meetings most of the times, you will want to find a space that’s away from the distractions of your household and of course since you do not want anyone else showing up on the video call.

2. Light and view

We would recommend choosing a place with the most natural light coming in when it comes to your home office . While you might think that any corner or wall would do the job, facing a window or a source of light might motivate you better since you can get to enjoy some scenery here and there. If you are a night owl , invest in a warm, high-beam lamp to keep your space and light bright. Adding one or two desk plants is a great way to decorate and create an uplifting environment. You can even consider fake plants as those aren’t high maintenance and don't require attention.

3. Storage and organisation

Just as with any room in the house, you’ll need to figure out your storage and organization for your home office so you have the peace of mind to work productively. It is very important to have enough storage space like shelving or cabinets to keep your files or documents.

Make sure to include enough shelving, filing cabinets or cupboards for your storage needs. No one likes the look of piled up documents lying around your desk. If you have shelvings, you can consider decorating it with small ornaments and figurines to enhance its aesthetic aspect

4. Technology and accessories

Technologies would be an important piece to complete your home office. This is essential to help you focus and stay productive. For example, that headphones that you use for conference call purposes can also help to block out street noises and loud neighbours. A laptop is definitely a must but not only that, a full sized monitor to connect to the laptop would bring a better experience overall.

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