Make staying in the new going out with your entertainment room

06 September 20203 min read

At times like this where home would be the best place to be at, having a space exclusively for entertainment purposes has become very popular. You can watch movies, listen to music, play board games among many other activities, and of course this is the best space to entertain your guests.

If you have an extra, unused room to transform it into an entertainment room, that’s great. But if not, some homeowners make their living rooms as their entertainment room because of the lack of space. Some also place it in their own bedrooms giving them more freedom in what they want as it is for personal use. So as we have a designated space sorted out, next is to decide what goes into setting up an entertainment room

1. The ambience

This definitely is a make or break. Entertainment room requires a relaxing ambience so a balance of warm lighting and colours is the way to achieve this ideal atmosphere. We recommend painting your walls a warm or dark colour for that cosy feel. Definitely, another benefit of dark walls is that it prevents light from the screen from bouncing off your walls, so imagine turning on the TV/monitor in that dark atmosphere, totally just like a cinema!

For decoration purposes, candles would be great to bring that ambience, a great source of warm lighting. Placing a few scented candles can make you feel more relaxed as well.

2. Furnitures and decorations

This is so important that people are spending so much more for a Gold class ticket to purchase comfort. Sofa is a very important contributor to your comfort level. You can consider a sofa bed so it’s easier to lie down with a blanket or may be just a reclining chair that would do the job as well. Bean bags are also great for both comfort and decor aspects when you need to accomodate guests over.

You want this space to always be dim so blinds and black out curtains are definitely necessary to block sun light. Other than that, things like a coffee table is a must since it serves dual purposes which is to rest your feet and also to place your snacks and remote controls.

3. Systems and appliances

Doesn’t need to be something fancy, with just TV and a set of speakers, you will have a decent entertainment room. Of course as you go along, you can add better appliances when these get more affordable over IT shows or year end promotions.

This would be why during the renovation phase, it is important to plan out plenty of power sockets in the right places. Not just for the usage of your TV and sound systems, but also for your guests who would like to charge their phone. Remember to also instal the best Wifi signal for this room because the last thing you want is to wait for your movie to load.

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