Make better use of your service yard

23 August 20203 min read

Service yard is where you can usually find the washing machine, or laundry poles racks in HDB apartments. This place is most commonly used for laundry purposes and also to keep household items like toilet rolls, cleaning detergents or plastic bags. This would be why it’s a space that you normally do not want to show to your guests and thus it becomes the most neglected space when it comes to designing your home.

Through this post, we hope to give you ideas on ways to design your service yard in order to maximise the space and of course, to enhance its aesthetic and functionality.

1. Extend your space

In many HDB apartments, service yards are often found past the kitchen. So why not make this space part of the kitchen so you can have a bigger space. This will also give you more flexibility in terms of arranging your kitchen appliances as you can now accommodate more equipment like dishwashers, air fryers.

Otherwise, you can transform this space into your dry kitchen area so that there are more spaces for food preparation. You can even build a countertop to serve meals while having a storage cabinet underneath to hide the washing machine. Not only does it serve different purposes, this simple addition also ensures that everything is kept neatly.

2. An option for more storage space

Homeowners can consider this space to get your home organized by introducing a variety of useful storage fixtures, such as built in cabinets or simply by just installing shelves. Imagine being able to keep your brooms, mops and buckets inside the cabinets out of sight, this would definitely be a better option rather than to have these items lying openly without having a designated space.

If these household items are kept in the storeroom, we recommend to install shelves instead as they are great for keeping frequently used objects within reach. Homeowners who are interested in displaying stylish kitchenware can go for this option as a design feature for your kitchen area.

3. Have your own garden

If you are a fan of greenery, use this space to grow your little babies. The easiest option would be if you do not use the hanging racks for your laundry, you can use them to hang potted plants instead. Otherwise, just install a steel grate coupled with a few small hooks, you can fit several plant pots onto a wall. Both of these options would not use up your floor space and yet, still help to enhance the aesthetics of your service yard.

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