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30 August 20203 min read

Kitchen faucets play a large role in your kitchen’s design. Choosing a faucet can be quite tedious with the variety of styles, materials and finishes. You would always want something affordable, practicable and of course stylish at the same time. Most homeowners neglect the quality and functionality of kitchen faucets and that shouldn’t be the case. Afterall, kitchen faucets are one of the most regularly used items in your kitchen, so here are our tips to help you in making the right pick.

1. Functional considerations

Consider your lifestyle. For example, kitchen faucets with pull out handles are more convenient for sink cleaning after heavy food preparation. These kinds of pull out faucets with sprayer and long hose can be moved in many different directions so it would be possible for you to fill pots and pans from your countertop rather than the sink. Pull out faucet is also more suitable because of the flexibility it brings, and it works perfect if you have a double sink.

2. Style that fits the overall theme

Take a look at your kitchen and decide on what should be the style to fit the entire theme. For example, if your kitchen is more of an industrial concept, black faucet would fit the style. Most common faucet styles are pull down or pull out. However, depending on the overall style, commercial or two handle faucets are also very commonly used. Commercial faucets are often present in bigger kitchens as it makes your kitchen look a lot more professional. Traditional options like two handle faucets are still being used for houses with a special kitchen concept like industrial or simply just because the homeowners prefer the option of being able to control hot and cold water from separate handles. More advanced technology would be motion detected faucets which would definitely wow your friends and families when they visit.

3. Affordability

When it comes to purchasing a kitchen faucet, work based on your budget. The cost of faucets will depend on its materials, typically the better materials that are more durable, will be more expensive. However, you want to spend on a good material like solid-brass that lasts the longest and requires the least care, because the last thing you want is to have a rusted faucet.

Think about it, buying a good faucet at a reasonable price might be a long term solution as it saves you from the cost of having to potentially replace a cheap faucet that does not last.

4. Of course, the finishes

When it comes to faucet finishes, chrome, nickel, white, black or stainless steel are the most common ones in the market. One way to decide is if you already have a mixture of finish colors in your kitchen, then you can opt to go with a finish that you have the most of. For example, you can match the faucet colour with the drawer handles and lighting fixture colours. You can even consider the colour of your cabinet and appliances if that helps you to have a better overview.

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