What your home says about you

12 April 20204 min read

There are various factors that homeowners consider while choosing their interior design styles. At the first glance, a home can describe the personality of the owner through the patterns, colours and the feel that the owner considers fit, proper and comfortable.

Design talks about the owner . A quality design makes a statement for its owner, it's the owner’s safe hideout from the outside chaotic environment. It goes with the popular saying “there’s no place like home”. While making their choices on a style, the common struggle that many of our clients face is a lack of understanding and often, it can be difficult to decide which style works best.

Here’s how we can help in explaining the different home design styles.

1. Industrial

Blk 472C Fernvale St

Blk 472C Fernvale St

Industrial style is everything about exposed and raw materials.

Some of their key elements include a mixture of greys, neutrals and rustic colours, high ceilings, sparse furniture pieces, wood and metal surfaces and concrete flooring. This type of design is mostly all about obtaining a cold yet stylish look. It's definitely a hard style to control, an overdose of colours and texture is a no to such a design.

Homeowners who are charismatic, artistic and love industrial styled furniture often go for this design. Sometimes, for the inhabitants of such an interior design, the collective memory is really important, like a piece of furniture that witnessed many important aspects in its life and gains values in the owner's life.

2. Minimalist

Blk 294 Punggol Central

Blk 294 Punggol Central

As the name suggests, minimalist styled homes are truly simple, lowkey and unfussy. Abide to the principle of “less is more”, it takes notions of modern design and simplifies them further.

Minimalism is ultimately defined by a sense of functionality and ultra-clean lines, providing a sense of warmth and coolness to the eyes. Primary colours like black and white are mostly utilized and nothing is excessive or flamboyant in terms of home décor.

This style often describes an extremely organized and efficient owner. Individuals that are subdued to aesthetic values and this aspect is the main factor in decision making, followed by material quality along with texture and efficiency. Words that would describe the personality inhabiting the minimalist interior design would be perfectionist, efficient, determined and introverted.

3. Modern

Blk 321 Woodland St 32

Blk 321 Woodland St 32

The modern interior design needs no introduction. Modern styled homes often bring a sense of warmth and comforting feel.

It's fresh, elegant and simple. Furniture pieces are simple looking with clean lines and basic shapes, ensuring no clutter or chaos. Colour themes are neutrals with primary colours and bold colour contrasts. Materials like metal, chrome or glass are often seen in modern style homes.

Homeowners of this style are positive and energetic, know the value of simple, airy, and natural design. They cherish simple things while being highly organised.

4. Scandinavian

Blk 217A Compassvale Cres

Blk 217A Compassvale Cres

Scandinavian style is a true representation of coziness, a myriad of textures and some clean, refined lines. They are a beautiful work of art, but always so simple and subtle.

Theme colour is predominantly white, bright colours are often used to combine with the main white colours. Elements like light coloured wood flooring, large mirrors with minimal furniture and lots of natural lighting are essential for this design. It's modern, practical and uncomplicated.

Scandinavian styled homeowners have similar aesthetic values with minimalist design but from a very different angle where comfort, coziness and warmth are placed above efficiency. Common traits of homeowners for this style are friendly, social, chic and elegant.

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