The living room that will shape the rest of your home

26 April 20204 min read

A well decorated living room is the beating heart of a home. It reveals everything about your styles, personality and even housekeeping habits.These living room design ideas will help to make your living room an impressive yet comfortable, inviting place to spend time with your loved ones.

1. Add wallpapers for that "wow" effect

Blk 414 Eunos Rd 5

Blk 414 Eunos Rd 5

When it comes to creating an overall feel to your living room, nothing beats the room-defining appeal of a wallpaper that flows well with your furniture, flooring and the rest of the decorative items . And since living rooms lend themselves well to wallpaper, you’ll have no problem completing the theme to your house interior design.

There’s a pattern and style for everyone. You no longer have to use wallpaper the traditional way. With so many interesting patterns and bold colour choices, it makes sense to pick one for what is usually the largest space in your house, living room.

We often recommend adding wallpapers with small patterns as it helps in adding visuals through the textures, while looking like a full solid from afar.

2. Dividers & partitions

Blk 217A Compassvale Cres

Blk 217A Compassvale Cres

While living rooms make your home look so welcoming and spacious with the open floor plan, sometimes you want a bit of privacy. Perhaps you want to create a space between your living room and your study room, and what’s a better way to create this division of space, a stylish room divider of course.

You can go with a sliding door which would be perfect in helping you to hide things in the other room that you just don't want people to see. Another popular style is to utilise framed glass panels that offer the open concept look. It's a laid back, loft-style vibe that is at once contemporary and timeless. And to the clear glass panels, light can still reach all sorts of nooks and crannies.

3. Choosing the right furniture

Blk 608 Jurong West

Blk 608 Jurong West

Decorating and arranging furniture would be an important contributing factor to the entire living room look and feel. Choosing suitable furniture is one of the most important decisions that every homeowner gotta make. From maximising purpose to enhancing the aesthetics of the living space, all these crucial factors should be kept in mind.

The sofa is one of the major pieces of furniture that every living room has to accommodate. Choosing a sofa is a matter of carefully analyzing the layout, interior style and everything else. One of the most important tips is to make sure that the sofa maths the living room in terms of its overall style.

Lighting also affects how we perceive textures and colours, and manipulates the overall feel of a space. Often, throwing in a good rug or carpet can make a good finishing element to the whole entire space.

4. TV feature wall

Blk 329 Clementi Ave 2

Blk 329 Clementi Ave 2

TV feature wall not only adds interest to an otherwise plain space, but also is a functional and beneficial design element.Whether it helps you highlight the area or to draw attention to a less-obvious aspect of the room, a feature wall can be your sitting room’s saviour.

Using harmonizing elements on the TV feature wall that exist elsewhere in a room can enhance that specific design element. For example, if your living room has items that are brown toned wood in colour or made of wood materials, try adding a wood design component to your wall. Empty “spaces” can be added as extra storage space for that gallery feel, to showcase your beautiful memories or art collections.

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