5 insanely clever ways to transform your bomb shelter

05 April 20203 min read

Bomb shelters in HDB homes are something we can’t get rid off by law. What’s worse, bomb shelter doors are definitely an eye sore to every homeowner.

Since we can’t get rid of it, why not deal with it? It’s our job as interior designers to turn a potential design abomination into an aesthetic asset with a bit of customisation and here’s how we do it.

1. Zinc sheet or mirror

Blk 339B Sembawang Close

Blk 339B Sembawang Close

Take away attention from the chunky bomb shelter door by drawing the eye to something else instead.

Creative designs include covering the space with a sheet of zinc metal or a mirror panel. Mirror panels will create the illusion of depth by reflecting light, making your home appear brighter and larger while a zinc sheet will immediately transform your bomb shelter into something Instagramable.

2. Paint

This is definitely a quick and low cost way to camouflage your bomb shelter. Paint the door a colour that matches with the rest of the wall so that you won’t notice its presence , unless you look hard enough.

Effectively turn your bomb shelter door into a fun and functional display by painting it into a handy blackboard for jotting down grocery shopping lists, memos for other family members or simply a space to showcase the artistic side of yours.

3. Tic Tac Door

Blk 997A Buangkok Crest

Blk 997A Buangkok Crest

Giving you an illusion of stepping into another secret room, when it is actually the bomb shelter that’s behind the door.

Tic tac door uses a tic-tac mechanism that enables homeowners to open and close the door with just a simple push, similar to the mechanism behind a click ballpoint pen. Shoe cabinets or standard cabinets for additional storage are often built behind these doors to fully maximise the space. Tic tac doors eliminate the need for fussy handles to the cabinet and bomb shelter, keeping the surfaces smooth and stylish.

4. Featured Wall

Blk 288C Compassvale Cres

Blk 288C Compassvale Cres

See no evil, think no evil. A beautiful and functional way is to build a full-length feature wall that hides the entire surface area of the bomb shelter. You can display some decorative items, family photos or even place some books or magazines – the options are endless! Other than concealing the unattractive, you will be able to draw attention by flaunting this space with your personal collections.

5. Wallpaper

Bomb shelters often look out of place in homes that have a specific theme. With some inexpensive yet fancy designed wallpapers, bomb shelter doors are disguised to ensure that you keep the overall look of your flat.

What’s best is that wallpaper can be custom made, enabling you to design this space exactly as you want with your own bespoke wallpaper.

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