Guide to choosing curtains

08 November 20203 min read

Your home is not fully furnished without curtains. They are one of those crucial pieces of decor that can set the tone for the room. It sets the mood for every space and of course, choosing curtains is not an easy task since there are so many types of curtains with different textures, materials and prints. Most importantly, how to choose the best curtain that can complete your home design theme. Here are a few quick tips on how to choose the right curtains.

1. One that matches the theme

You need to know the style since it would help to determine the guidelines when it comes to choosing curtains. Consider the overall space, for example, if you need something that makes your space appear warmer, creating a warm atmosphere, darker curtains would do the job. However, if you welcome the light and you love bright spaces, sheer curtains would be a better idea.

Remember, curtains have to also match your furniture. If your furniture is mostly in vibrant colours, you do not need colourful curtains. Choose curtains that are of neutral colours so that the focus of the space is on the furniture.

2. Patterns and fabrics

Fabric patterns are definitely something that create the excitement when it comes to choosing curtains. If your home is going for that modern look, use curtains with fine or small patterns like dots or geometrics shapes.

Curtains come with many different textures and this adds visual interest to your room by creating depth. Velvet, wool, silks and linens are the different textures that can be considered as these are useful to use to match the overall style. Imagine how luxurious your space would look with silk or velvet curtain.

3. Usage requirements

This has a lot to do with your lifestyle. If you always open the window to welcome the natural air, pick a more transparent weighted curtain since it helps with additional air circulation.

Also, consider things like your privacy factor and to what extent this is important to you. If your requirements are based on what we consider standard, use sheer or semi sheer fabric for the day curtain in the living rooms and kitchens, whereas, for bedrooms and bathrooms, something that is completely blackout would be a better option. Nevertheless, if your room faces the street or other peoples’ homes, you gotta consider options that give you higher levels of privacy.

4. Cleaning & maintenance

If you ever need to send your curtains to the dry cleaner, please be prepared that it is pretty costly since fees differ between day and night curtains and of course, also the curtains length and weight. Due to the difficulty in terms of maintaining curtains, this has been the common reason why many homeowners have switched to using blinds.

Think about it, cleaning of blinds can be done using only one dust brush or a cloth, in contrast to curtains, which require much more effort: curtains need to be removed from their hooks, washed carefully, rinsed, hung and ironed. So consider carefully on the curtain length, and its overall weight, since it will definitely determine the amount of hard work you need to put in when it comes to cleaning curtains.

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