Ways to make your spaces appear even bigger

18 October 20204 min read

With how the housing prices are increasing so rapidly, it has been a common challenge on how to make a small space appears bigger. From a bedroom that you would need to fit a bed and a wardrobe, to a living room that have to accommodate a dining area, a home office, and a TV, fitting everything you need into a small space definitely isn’t an easy task.

With our expertise, we are here to recommend some easy solutions which will help make your small space look more inviting, increasingly multi-functional, and beautiful, all at the same time.

1. Colouring - it’s all about optical illusion

Colour does not just affect your mood, it would also contribute to making the room look bigger. Painting in a light, neutral colour will make the space feel open and airy, which helps to maximize the effect created by natural light.

Other than the common choices which are soft tones of white, soft tones of blue and green would do the job well too. One important tip is to paint your wall trim and molding in a lighter colour than your wall as it will help to make the wall appear farther back, making the room seem bigger.

2. Let the light in

Any room will look bigger if it’s well lit, either by natural light or indoor lighting. By just opening the window to let the light in, you will instantly connect the room with the outdoors and the space will no longer feel stuffed. If you worry about the ugly view, beautify the area by simply placing some plants or flowers, or you can even install some sheer curtains to cover the outside view but yet, still allow the light in.

If you do not receive a lot of natural light, adding some lighting fixtures would do the job as well in creating that effect.

3. Clear out the clutter

Naturally, having too much stuff would make the space feel small. Make sure that your home is organized and has plenty of storage space to hide things out of sight. With things neatly arranged, the space will definitely feel orderly and open.

Remember to move furniture out and away from walkways or common spaces. If you can see more of the floor surface area, the room will look larger, that’s the trick!

4. Reflective surfaces

Try placing a large framed mirror on the wall, or simply stand it against the wall, there you go for that space - enlarging effect, with style. The area and light will be reflected, creating an open feeling.

Other than mirrors, utilizing materials that are see-through works wonder as well. For example, just by replacing an opaque glass shower enclosure with a clear and frameless one, you will experience a dramatic difference. The room is still the same size but it now looks bigger and you can even see through things across the glass wall.

You can also try using glass table tops as this is another popular technique to open up the view beyond.

5. Furniture arrangement

What takes up the space of your home, it’s furniture definitely! To avoid that, use multi functional furniture that serves various purposes, such as sofa bed, or bed with drawer for storage. Use an expandable dining table or folding table which can be tucked away when you don’t need them.

Some furniture should have the same colour as the wall so that they blend in, expanding the room. Tall furniture is not quite recommended since it can make the ceiling seem lower than it actually is.

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