Tips to increasing your home valuation

04 October 20203 min read

When it comes to purchasing a property, we all have an objective in mind which is to either invest to sell or to stay. Naturally, whichever the objective is, all homeowners want to increase their home valuation as it would naturally increase their total assets.

If you want to work your way up the property ladder, knowing how to add value to your property in order to ensure the best return is crucial. During this period of pandemic, when there’s more buyers than sellers, we would recommend homeowners to take this opportunity to add value to their homes. Wanna know how? We are here to help.

1. Kitchen upgrading

Kitchen will probably be the most worn out place in your home after a certain period of time. Of course this is due to the frequency of its usage. Depending on the budget and the condition of the area, many things can be done to transform the heart of any home.

For example, a little paint might go a long way if the kitchen only has a few oil splash marks but no major damages were visible. Many people won’t pay for a fancy, deluxe kitchen but rather a simple, functional way and clean kitchen.

2. Bathroom fixes

Bathrooms would be the next frequently used space. Think about it, a bedroom might be dedicated to an individual but some time it serves as a common space. Other than serving the family members, this place has to also serve your guests that come to visit. Since that would be the case, it has become a very important place for any home and it's a very big factor when it comes to your home valuation amount.

Remember, the criteria is always, how modern is the bathroom, does the bathroom fit the overall themes. And most importantly, the current state of it.

3. Transforming a room

If you are able to reinvent an existing place in your home, you have taken that successful step in the journey to increase your home vaulation.

For example, some five room HDB flats would come with a small study area. Why not convert this into a bedroom, and this can potentially meet the needs of a family with at least 5 family members since they all need their personal space.

4. Add more space

Storage space is critical to every home. Some homeowners might even make the decision to move to a new home just because of the lack of space. Think about it, when a house is no longer meeting the living standards, it’s time to think about upgrading.

This means that homeowners need to have more creative ideas for storage spaces as well as spaces to accommodate others.

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