The secrets to home cleaning

13 December 20204 min read

Every home, regardless of its size or location gets dirty if it's not properly maintained by its owner. After renovating a home, the most important tip to maintain the state after renovation as long as it can be is through proper cleaning. Many homeowners feel stressed out and anxious over a messy home. You can’t underestimate how clutter and mess can play a significant role in influencing your mood.

At once glance, it definitely looks like there’s a lot to do since it’s a big space that we are talking about. If you don’t know where to start and how to best do this in the most efficient and effective ways, we are here for you.

1. Establish a procedure

It’s funny how it sounds like a serious task that you have to perform at work, that requires a Standard Operating Procedure. But yes, any task in the world, no matter how complex, can be broken down into standard processes in order to improve the efficiency. With a standard system in place, you will definitely be able to cut down half of the cleaning time as compared to others who do not have anything established.

The key is to find that consistency. Working with one room at a time, start and finish at the same spot in a room so that you won’t have to waste time running back and forth.

2. Choose the right tool

Consider tools as your trusted assistant, and that the moment you choose the right tools, it's a guaranteed success. For example, don’t use normal clothes, instead, micro-fibre clothes as they eliminate up to 99 percent of bacteria with only water and are about three times more effective than traditional cleaning cloths.

Also, try cleaning tips that are popular online. Many suggested trying baking soda for cleaning tougher messes, or others suggested vinegar for general cleaning.

3. Speed clean frequently

Developing consistent and simple cleaning habits will help you to avoid tackling a much larger mess later on. But of course, you don’t have to do these for every area in your home, but just a selected few especially toilets and kitchen areas. Toilets are the most germ ridden areas, no doubt, so you should be cleaning the toilets at least once or twice per week.

For the kitchen, if there’s daily cooking, remember to wipe down the areas where oil splashes as if these areas dry up after sometime and it’s gonna be much more difficult to clean. Kitchen should always be a ‘’clean as you go’’ place.

4. Make space and stay organized

Stay organized means everything to home cleaning. 100% of clean homes are very organized. You should not have stuff that piles up at every corner because it definitely looks messy that way, and it makes cleaning very difficult as it gets in the way. Sell, toss or donate old items before you purchase new ones.

Also, organize your space effectively. An over-the-door organizer has a variety of clear pockets where you can store jewelry and make-up, sorting by type—pencils, lipsticks, brushes, and eye shadows. Similarly, cabinets with shelves are the best for effective storage of household items.

5. Find your companion

The secret to enjoy cleaning is to find a companion throughout the process. It can be to blast your favourite playlist or just simply turn on the radio. These could help you to find cleaning less of a chore.

Otherwise, take out that Apple watch for the calories tracker, so that you have some motivation for cleaning since you are burning it off at the same time.

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