Preparing your home for the New Year

27 December 20203 min read

We all want to have a sparkling clean and beautiful home to get ready for the New Year. Once the festive period of Christmas is over and you are ready to pack away the decorations, it’s also time to start cleaning away to get ready for the New Year. By decluttering and starting with a clean, fresh state, you’ll feel ready for the New Year and motivated to keep things organised.

Even if your home is a complete disaster right now after all those parties, it’s okay because you can always get things straightened out. Set aside two to three hours to just focus on this, and afterwards we promise that you will definitely enjoy the fruits of your labor. Let’s go!

1. Get equipped

You definitely have to make sure that all are in place before starting on the real task. Things like the tools for cleaning as well as the cleaning products should be prepared beforehand. In fact you can clean every single room of your home with just one multi-purpose cleaning spray and some vinegar. But also, invest in good cleaning clothes.

Also, keep a to do list to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything. Take a good look around and note everything down that needs to be done. As you tick off each job you’ll feel motivated to keep going and get the rest done.

2. Clean appliances and furniture

How many times in a year do you pull out every piece of your furniture and clean underneath? This is one of the times that you should be doing that since dust has been trapped there for ages.

We recommend to take the opportunity to also get the mattress cleaned, as well as all household appliances such as washing machines, ovens, etc. Especially the oven where there are stubborn stains. Otherwise, you can use a multipurpose spray and wipe down with a damp cloth at the outer surface of other household appliances.

3. Wash it away

Now is the perfect time to not only vacuum your rugs but instead, wash them. This is something you definitely should do at least once a year. A simple way would be to get a pail of warm water mixed with a capful of fabric softener and soak them inside for about thirty minutes and you can get on with other cleaning tasks. Afterwards, use a brush and gently wash.

For curtains, depending on the materials, can be either machine wash or strictly dry cleaning only. Check out the cleaning instructions and follow accordingly since the wrong cleaning method can destroy the curtain materials, causing it to shrink or wrinkle afterwards.

4. Ditch and reorganize

It’s time to throw things out, whatever that’s unnecessary. New Year is one of those times where many homeowners shop for new household items, but since there’s new stuff, old ones should be thrown away or donated out.

Also, pack up your storage accordingly to make sure that nothing should by lying around without a designated storage space else it would make the space look messy.

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