Post renovation cleaning tips for homeowners

05 July 20203 min read

Whether you are doing a minor or major house renovation, you can be sure that your home will be left dirty when the process is completed. There are waste particles, stains and dust in every corner of your house that need to be cleaned up to make it a comfortable place after renovation.

Of course, the easiest and fastest way to escape from this daunting task is to hire a professional cleaning company. However, it can be really costly to do so and if you do not mind rolling up your sleeves, here’s a guide on how to effectively clean your home after renovation.

1. Do not trap the air

Make sure that all your windows are open before cleaning. As you start to sweep the floor, it drives the dust up and will make it fly in the air, a well ventilated space will absorb excess dust and lessen the possibility of you breathing in dust.

If you have an air filter, make sure to switch it on. We also recommend wearing a face mask during the entire process.

2. Dry cleaning

The number one rule is to always sweep or vacuum dry first before using any damp cloths. This is to remove large pieces of debris. One tip is to sweep first and vacuum after just to make sure that you will get most of the dust particles. Make sure you also go for those hard to reach places.

Buying the right cleaning product is important too when it comes to removing dust from your home. Investing in a few microfibre cloths as part of your cleaning kit could be real game - changers.

3. Remember your walls

Dust in the air settles into the upper reaches and corners of your rooms. Thus, it is important to clean your walls as the dirt on your walls can pile as high as skyscrapers. Start with the top of the walls at the crown molding level. Use your vacuum cleaner or duster to remove the top layer of dust and don’t feel bad if you get your floors dirty. Remember to stick to dry dusting as your walls are newly painted.

4. Wipe it off

Clean off the remaining dirt by wiping surfaces, especially floors with damp cloths and a mop. It is easier to tackle the renovation debris of an empty home as there are only fixtures and all with zero to minimal furniture. If it is a partial renovation project and you are already living in the house, expect to wipe down all furniture and all the exposed items as well, even to the smallest thing like door noobs.

5. Breathe

We know that clean up may be too extensive and taxing to do on your own. Be sure to take some rest, enjoy a cold drink in between till you are ready to return to the mess. Look forward to the end of this as once you are done, it’s finally time to enjoy your new home.

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