Post reno inspection checklist

09 August 20203 min read

We know how you have been so eager waiting for your dream home and it’s finally here. Before you celebrate and invite your loved ones over, please remember to check the different areas in your home to make sure that things are delivered on the terms of the renovation contract and also, everything is working well in order.

Prepare yourself a checklist to get you fully equipped during the walk through. We have detailed all the things you need to examine so all you have to do is to jot these down for your own reference and we are ready to go.

1. Built ins and carpentry works

Most renovations would have some built in or carpentry works, those are customised pieces for certain areas of your home which includes kitchen cabinets, counters, shelves, wardrobe, TV consoles or shoe cabinets.

Touch and feel the surfaces of the woodwork inside out. It’s important to check if the surfaces and the edges are smooth, especially when you have kids at home. If your built-ins are done with laminate finish, make sure surfaces are even and that there are no unexplained bumps or air bubbles.

Try to open and close any doors to see if those are functioning well without any hindrance. Also, are the knobs or handles tight , and can they be gripped properly?

2. Electrical and Plumbing Works

Electrical works involve installation of wiring, repairing, or extensions of wiring. Check that your lighting plan is accurately followed and that all lighting switches are linked correctly to the appropriate lights. Try to turn on and off all switches to make sure that everything is properly connected to the power source.

For plumbing works, ensure that there are no pipes leakage. Turn on and off all the taps to make sure that water flows properly. For your bathroom, remember to check that the flushes are functioning properly, and check that the hot and cold water comes out from the right source.

3. Walls & Floorings

Flooring and ceiling make up the largest parts of your home.

When checking for floors, it varies depending on the materials you have used, but these are general checks to look out for. For example, if there are skirtings, check the alignment and whether there are any loose pieces. Look out for cracks, scratches, discolorations and stains. Also, look out for defects whether there are any damages or uneven surfaces.

For walls, it's a lot more straightforward. What you have to do is to go around your house and pay close attention to spot any chipped paint, uneven paint streaks or any smudges.

4. Final checks

Once you have done checking the major parts of your renovation, do one last final check to make sure that nothing else is missed out during the process. Nitty gritty things like making sure that shelves are even & aligned, bathroom mirrors are evenly placed and level should also be considered in your final checks.

If you feel that these checks may tire you out, get additional help for an extra pair of eyes. Don’t feel guilty for pointing these out as interior designers would definitely prefer to fix things during the rectification phase, rather than months or years later when renovation warranties are no longer valid.

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