How to survive partial rennovation

01 November 20203 min read

While certain areas of your home are being renovated and you have decided to continue living in what’s called a renovating house, it's important to make sure you know what to expect. Staying, of course, has many great advantages including saving money since you do not have to rent another space. Also, you are always nearby for the contractors queries and it also means that you can monitor the progress daily.

Living onsite is definitely not easy, but understanding what's involved will mentally prepare you. We have come up with the list of survival tips to help you along the way so here it is.

1. Contain the dust

The most important thing is to make sure that dust is contained as much as possible since allergies and other respiratory infections could stem from the construction dust that fills the atmosphere during the renovation.

Make sure that things are tarped off before the renovation and always clean up after every end of the renovation day. You gotta expect daily vacuuming and wiping as part of your daily agenda throughout the renovation process.

2. Minimalism lifestyle

This is definitely a test for you to live with only what is necessary since most of the household items and furniture should be taped or kept in the store room to protect them from damage during the renovation.

For example, we recommend just keeping a portable stove and a microwave for meal preparation. Done. Family meals are served with as little equipment as possible.

3. Inform your guests

Other than the dust, definitely there are noises and it’s gonna be hard to walk around in your home since you will expect things lying around and of course, with many contractors in the house. Contractors and your family on site is cramped enough, so there’s no way you can invite visitors. Ensure that you share with everyone around you the news that your home is under renovation, just in case surprise guests visit.

4. Stay organized

Packing up all items from the space that will be renovated is a must. Whatever it is, packing it up and storing it is a lot better than stuffing it in another room, unorganized.

We recommend that things should be labeled in boxes so that it is easy for you to unpack when the renovation is done. Keep a separate space for these boxes.

Finally, the most important tip to all home owners is to keep up with your daily routines as this will help you to stay level headed. Good cup of coffee in the morning, family meals, children's homework, everything goes on. Sticking to your routines will definitely help to manage the stress that the mess and the noise of renovation might potentially bring.

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