Home renovation - where to start?

28 June 20203 min read

If you’ve just gotten your house keys and need to renovate your home, it’s time to get your project management mode on.

There are two options for renovating your home. The first option is to find an interior designer firm that will manage the entire project. And the second option is to engage with contractors of different expertise and self-manage but this is not preferable unless your own home design comes with an execution plan.

Browsing photos and ideas for your dream home would always excite you. But planning makes it a reality. These are how you can start planning for your dream home.

1. Work out a budget

All of us want to create that bespoke-inspired style for our home but it always begins with how much money are you willing to spend on your home renovation.That magic amount will determine what you are able to do. A straightforward approach is to match the budget with how much money you could afford or how much you had or wanted to loan.

It’s also important to consider factors like the condition of your home when you purchase it, the potential resale value of your property and of course, what you paid for the property.

2. Gather inspirations

This is where it gets interesting. Think about how you want your space to look and feel once it’s completed. To do this, start with looking at online inspirations where photos of completed projects are shared, create some mood boards and add on ideas or pretty much anything that inspires you.

The goal is to help you decide what you want to achieve for your home renovation project. When you have a clear desired theme or style for your home, a list of must - haves and good to haves, you are almost ready.

3. Pick your interior design firm

Start with contacting a few interior design firms with your floor plan, communicate to them your desired outcome and get a number of itemised quotes so you can compare. If you can see some examples of their work that will be handy too.

Your selection should be based on whether the interior design firm can resonate with your vision and how comfortable you are during the communication process instead of the final dollars amount. These decision making factors are more likely to result in a successful renovation project rather than comparing which firm has the cheapest proposal. Further, always remember that the first quote is 100% of time, not the final quote.

4. Finalize the contract

When you’ve secured an interior design firm, you’re going to need a detailed cost breakdown. Because a renovation project is huge and it is important to go through each item to review the price. Let the interior firm know your budget so they are able to advise on what are necessary and what are not so important. This will help you to drop a few things off the proposal or tweak some of the materials to save cost.

Once the amounts are finalized, make sure that you are also comfortable with the payment milestones as well as the estimated project completion timeframe And it’s time to get everything started!

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