Here is how to plan for a smart home

22 November 20203 min read

If you ever wanted to make your home ‘smart’, it really makes sense to plan out your home automation project in advance so that you can share with the renovation company on what are the things you would need to be in place. We found that more and more homeowners are going for smart homes to upgrade their lifestyle on a regular basis.

We hope that you have stumbled upon this article right on time. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when planning your smart home.

1. Consider your needs

Nowadays, technology has gotten so advanced that literally everything in your home can be automated; from water heating systems, to lighting, gate, alarm, cameras to television. Even then, we do not recommend to implement everything and anything that is smart, but you gotta be selective to correctly identify your needs based on your expectations and priorities.

You gotta consider what is the most important, would it be for home security, energy savings or just, for a more convenience lifestyle.

2. Set a budget

The cost of an entire home automation solution would depend on the type and numbers of devices connected. We recommend that you do some research with regards to the devices that you want to be installed.

Also, you gotta expect increased cost in terms of electrical work, since more outlets are required.

3. Networking solutions planning

For sure, any smart home system would definitely need a stable wifi connection. And in order to make sure that all devices receive good Wifi signal, do take note of the number of walls your internet router needs to penetrate to reach these respective devices. Weaker routers may not be able to reach further due to interferences.

Plan your internet connection solution with Access Point which one easy way is to connect your LAN cables directly. Access Point solutions are more stable and reliable compared to wireless mesh solutions, but of course, it definitely does not look aesthetically pleasing.

4. Electrical wiring

Use neutral wire for your switches. Neutral wire not only stabilizes the circuit within your home, but also allows for a more efficient and smarter protocol. Speak to your electricians on how to pull the extra neutral wire to your switch.

Also, remember to plan with your electricians on where are the required locations for your switch, since there will be many devices to be installed in order to create a smart home.

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