Ever wanted a utility room? Here's how

06 December 20203 min read

It has been increasingly difficult to store all of the kitchen appliances since there are so many new inventions that make cooking become just a snap of a finger. That’s when you would love to have a utility room for this additional space to store your precious household items, dry food supplies and even for laundry purposes.

Utility rooms have become increasingly popular and have become a requirement for many homeowners these days. If you need some guidance on how to plan for a utility room, you are at the right place.

1. Suggested location

For most houses in Singapore, a small utility space set up within an existing kitchen can work well. It would even be a lot more accessible as compared to having a utility room in other areas of the house.

You can elevate the flooring to just sort of create that separation effect of a different area within the kitchen. Otherwise, a glass door would work as well, both to differentiate the respective areas as well as for that aesthetic enhancement.

2. Plan the space

Storage is essential and it keeps things in order. When you are planning storage, think carefully and list down what you are planning to store in there. Is it just dried food, or will it be laundry products, kitchenware and appliances too?

Regardless, go for a full height cupboard to maximise the space. You can customize the cupboard compartments according to your preference in terms of how many shelves are required to even the sizing of each shelf. That’s where the cupboard will be fully utilised for storage and what’s best, easy access.

3. Be practical

Remember that whatever items that you will keep in the utility room, this space requires an adequate amount of ventilation. You do not want the area to be too humid which would potentially cause your food storage items to go bad quickly.

If this area is also where you keep your laundry products and for laundry purposes, make sure that there’s waste water outlets, water supplies and of course electrical outlets too.

4. Leave an impact

Needless to mention, whichever area in the house, it has to leave an impression. This space has to be part of the overall design theme of your home and of course, it has to be equally stylish.

Make sure that the colour schemes are strictly adhered to the overall concept of your home. The material of the cupboard and its colours are recommended to be the same as the kitchen cupboards so that the utility room can blend in nicely to the overall kitchen area. A small tip is to add a bit of greens like plants to soften the look of the space so it looks more welcoming.

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