Choosing the right floor plan

21 June 20203 min read

Choosing the right layout of your new home is important; while you can always change the paint color or fixtures, it’s much harder to change the floor plan.

The right floor plan will greatly improve how you experience your new home, and everything from its shape to its style should be considered. You only get one shot at creating a home that can accomodate to you and your family’s needs. It's definitely not an easy task to choose the right floor plan since families are dynamic, and how we interact with our space changes a little year by year.

Here are some tips on choosing a floor plan that works best

1. Space

Having adequate space is the most important factor. You would need to consider your future plans. For example, think about how your home will fit your family if it grows with new additions. Imagine after spending thousands of dollars on furniture and renovations , you find yourself having to move in a few years just because your home does not have enough living space.

If you plan on using the furniture from your current home, remember to measure and note down the sizes of your furniture and try to envisage where they would fit in your new home.

2. Lifestyle

Your family lifestyle will factor into the floorplan you ultimately choose. Remember to jot down those important criterias that a floor plan needs to have in order to meet you and your family needs.

If you have young children needing you close by, you would need bedrooms to be located side by side. If you have teenagers that want their own space, maybe a bedroom that is separated from the rest of the bedrooms would be something to consider. If you have guests that come over often, you need bigger living and dining rooms to entertain them. And if you enjoy soaking yourself in a hot bathtub after a long day at work, you need a bigger bathroom to accommodate that.

3. Design style

Every homeowner has their own desired design style and choosing a floor plan that is suitable for that style is essential. For example, you want something more modern with a contemporary, open feel, then consider an open floor plan or if you want an open concept kitchen, make sure that the kitchen layout is not for a one side kitchen.

If you have not had a design style in mind, look at the furniture and other objects in your home. If your furniture tends to coordinate, an open floor plan could work for you. If your furniture covers a wide range of styles and colours, then a traditional floor plan might be a better option.

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